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Put a sock in it …..please

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As a child of post-war  Australia, I frequently witnessed much bigotry and intolerance …….especially related to foreigners, race or religion.  I did not recognise it as such at the time, for as children we accept what we are told.   Nevertheless, it has taken the remainder of a lifetime for me to recognise such misinformation from the past, and to become a more tolerant person.

All of my good work is in danger of going down the drain.  I am regressing. I am in danger of falling off the wagon of  tolerance.
"They're all loud mouth Yanks" was a harsh generalisation commonly heard in Australia during the 1950's referring to our friends and allies in the US.  Of course they are not!  I know that!  I have grown beyond bigoted generalisations. I tolerated The Nanny for all those years without wavering, without damage to my eardrums, or without compromising what small amount of residual sanity I have. I rest my case. I am a tolerant man.  But, alas, I am on the verge of losing all that I worked so hard for.

I would like to digress for a moment;
Arriving home after a recent shopping excursion to the supermarket,
I was subjected by Mrs GOF to lengthy interrogation, trial without jury, and solitary confinement, after her discovery that one egg in the carton had apparently self destructed possibly around the time William the Conqueror was doing all his conqueror-ing.
In retrospect I accept that this one rogue cackleberry did spoil the entire carton.
Here endeth my digression.

I  recently heard an entertaining and informative address given by Daniel Gilbert, Professor of Psychology at Harvard University, concerning happiness and the human brain.  He proposes that the almost sole purpose of our (relatively) large human brains, is to direct our genitalia to reproduce efficiently.  My interpretation for us simple folk is that the brain is the big steam engine that powers the pistons of the sexual revolution.  The bonking powerhouse.  Given that we have massively overpopulated the planet, I am inclined to accept this proposition.

I would dearly love to watch a new series of "So you think you can dance"   Witnessing gifted young people of this world in whatever field of achievement…..entertainment, sport, or academia,  is a joy for this ageing under achiever.

One of the judges on So You Think You Can Dance is Mary Murphy.
I am sure that she is a really nice person, treats animals nicely, and is an excellent dancer and judge.
Would Professor Gilberts hypothesis be relegated to the scientific sewer if, for example, it could be proven that 90% of at least one persons brain power was directed solely at operating another organ (i.e. the mouth) at full speed and power?

Like pornography, violence  and pollution, she is vexacious to my spirit.  My carton of young dancing talent is tainted.

I need counselling. Can someone please help me to once again be more tolerant and non judgemental, before I light a cigarette, go and thump someone and resort to porn. 

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"Life is like a sewer. What you get out of it, depends upon what you put into it." (Tom Lehrer)

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