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In Defence of Whaling

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Recent years have seen an increase in bad press for the Japanese research whaling fleet, and indeed, harrassment of their vessels, from those maritime vandals, Greenpeace.  I would like to contribute a more balanced argument in their defence.

Japan has always insisted that their whaling operations are strictly for scientific purposes, and yet there are cynics in the world who choose to question the integrity of the Japanese government on this matter. It was even wildly suggested once that whales are being harvested to be eaten by humans.
Our world owes much to the inventors and great minds of the past, who, although mocked, derided, stoned and even hanged during their lifetimes (well the hanging was more often than not at the end rather than during),  provided many of the building blocks used for modern civilisation.  And so it continues with present day attitudes towards the Japanese.
They are trying their very best in the South Pacific oceans to do research for the betterment of mankind.  They indeed have a proud history of good works in this area…..not least of which was to provide the building blocks for artificial coral reefs in places like Pearl Harbour, Truk lagoon, Guadalcanal, Rabaul and Madang.

Very few people seem to appreciate the research value of their current scientific program, which seeks to address a couple of common misconceptions.

Myth No 1; There is unfortunately a cult growing out there in the far left field of human endeavour, that there is a process of global warming induced by human behaviour.  Really!!???  Lets get honest here.   Global warming, as the Japanese may well discover very soon, is due to the massive increase in the numbers of warm blooded creatures living in our oceans where they have no right to be.  They of course should be on land with all the rest of us.  Eventually the research will be successful……to date the trials to establish whale colonies on terra firma have had only limited success…..well actually no success, from the few thousand animals they have attempted to relocate, which is why more research is required.  It is too early to draw conclusions.

Myth No. 2;  Global warming is resulting in rising ocean levels. Again a flawed, but partially correct assumption.  Sea levels are rising, but let me remind you dear reader, of Archimedes law.   Whales, by virtue of their huge bulk, displace enormous quantities of sea water, which only has one way to go…ie  UP.  Global warming, on the other hand would result in ocean levels going DOWN…increased ambient temperature = increased evaporation. Simple logic.  Lets continue to cull the water displacers until ocean levels stabilise.

There are millions of whales out there.  Its not like humans have ever in past history been responsible for decreasing their numbers.

GOF is starting a non profit research foundation in 2009 involving Panda bears.  Only a few animals will be used each year, humanely conked on the noggin'  using recycled wooden clubs from the annual Canadian seal hunt.   My senses are positively throbbing at the prospect of contributing so much data to the collective knowledge base of humankind.
Ahhhhh……finger lickin' good panda.

Any volunteers?

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