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This whole pile of garbage is going to contain the epistles of a Grumpy Old Fart.
Why anyone else than me should want to read it is totally beyond my comprehension.  I have almost completed my 6th decade of life on earth, and I
am becoming pissed off that someone previous to me suggested that 3 score
years and 10  (if the additional 10 was for good behaviour then I have less than 3 months to make some urgent final preparations) was a sufficiently long life span.  I want a second opinion.  

This whole project is therapy for me.  I am a virgin blogger and its good to know that at my age I have some virginity left.   My intention is to speak my mind, but I suspect that asset has severely diminished in the 40 years since leaving a mediocre but nevertheless tertiary seat of learning, at which time I was capable of learning huge amounts of useless information, and regurgitating it accurately at examination time.  Whats left is large amounts of crap which I would like to divest myself of within these pages.  For anyone seeking literary genius and enlightenment it will become quite apparent they are looking in the wrong place.
Info dump No. 1;   The causal organism of the disease pulpy kidney in sheep is called Clostridium welchii Type D.  Well it was true 40 years ago.  Maybe CwTD has also grown old with grey hair and been replaced by some other upstart pimply- faced bacteria.  If anyone needs that information please take it away. I don't need it any more.
Ahhhh I feel better already.

Grumpiness is one of the great happinesses in my world.  It is not a negative character trait.   It only comes through the accumulation of wisdom achieved on lifes journey. Fellow grumps can share deep and meaningful conversation for they are able to recognise each other.    True grumpiness is only achieved when the processes of the mind are accurately reflected by facial expression.  Only then is it possible to reap the rich rewards of the truly grumpy.  All the people we have no desire to communicate with will recognise us from 100 metres away…."look at that grumpy old fart" and they will happily deviate from their proposed track and leave us to our inner happiness.

I am not grumpy in a "yearning for the olden days" way.  What did we do before God invented the Ipod??  I always found it difficult to cart an old 45 record player around under my jacket.
The internet has to be one of the best inventions of my lifetime.  Its possible to talk (read) yourself into having so many diseases that you previously had no idea existed.   It has been my joy to see more naked female bodies in a few years of net surfing than I could have found in several lifetimes of expensive holidays to the nude beaches of the world.
I do not want to revisit the cold war, Iron Curtain, black and white television, Berlin wall, racial apartheid, or women without equal (more or less…no correspondence please) work opportunities.   
No, I am totally at peace with my brand of grumpiness.

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"Life is like a sewer. What you get out of it, depends upon what you put into it." (Tom Lehrer)

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